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Timeless Sophistication: Jacquard Fabric with Brown FF Vertigo Motif

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“Indulge in Designer Elegance with our Fendi Fabric Brown Jacquard featuring the iconic FF Vertigo motif. This medium to thick, densely woven fabric exhibits premium quality, making it suitable for various applications such as clothing, upholstery, and diverse crafting projects. It’s the perfect choice for creating jackets, suits, dresses, shoes, masks, and elevating upholstery in home decor with sofas, curtains, tablecloths, and cushions.

= Product Details =

+ Material: 100% Polyester
+ Width: 63″ (160cm)
+ Weight: 460g/m
+ Care: Machine washable below 30°C, Iron with silk mode.

• Price per Yard.

👉 Qty 1 = 1 Yard (90cm x 160cm)
👉 Qty 2 = 2 Yards (180cm x 160cm)

❤️ Multiple quantities will be in one continuous piece.
❤️ Colors may appear slightly different based on your monitor settings.

Immerse yourself in the luxury of Fendi’s Brown Jacquard with FF Vertigo motif. Order now and bring timeless sophistication to your clothing and home decor projects.”


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